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Pet Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Southern Hills Animal Clinic’s fully stocked pharmacy provides convienent access to essential pet medications and supplies for your pet’s health and well-being.

Pet Fully Stocked Pharmacy in Custer, SD

Southern Hills Animal Clinic maintains a comprehensive inventory of medications to meet the varied needs of your pets. Our pharmacy services include prompt and accurate fulfillment of veterinary prescriptions prescribed by our experienced team.

a dog wearing a scrubs and a hat

Benefits of Using Our Pet Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Our on-site pharmacy lets you conveniently pick up your pet’s medications immediately after their appointment, saving you an extra trip to a separate pharmacy.

Expert Guidance
Our knowledgeable veterinary team is available to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about your pet’s medications, ensuring you administer them correctly.

Quality Assurance
We source our medications directly from reputable suppliers, ensuring the quality and authenticity of every product in our fully stocked pharmacy.

a person in blue scrubs holding a dog

When to Utilize Our Pet Pharmacy Services

Post-Appointment Prescriptions
If your pet is prescribed medication during a visit, our fully stocked pharmacy allows you to fill the prescription without delay.

Preventive Medications 
Our pharmacy offers a convenient and reliable supply of ongoing preventive treatments such as flea and tick preventives or heartworm medications.

Specialized Diets and Supplements 
If your pet requires a specialized diet or nutritional supplements, you can find various options in our fully-stocked pharmacy.

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