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Pet Routine Surgeries

With in-house surgical facilities and individualized surgical plans tailored to each pet’s specific needs, trust Southern Hills Animal Clinic for routine pet surgeries.

Pet Routine Surgeries in Custer, SD

At Southern Hills Animal Clinic in Custer, SD, our veterinary team offers essential routine surgeries, including spaying, neutering, dental procedures, and more. These common surgeries are not only preventive measures but also contribute to population control, behavioral improvements, and optimal oral health.

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Why Routine Surgeries?

Proactive Health Management
Routine surgeries are a proactive approach to managing your pet’s health. From spaying and neutering to dental procedures, these interventions help prevent potential health issues, ensuring a longer and healthier life for your pet.

Individualized Care Plans
Each pet is unique, and so are their health needs. Our approach involves creating individualized care plans, tailoring routine surgeries to your pet’s specific requirements, and addressing any potential concerns.

Experienced Surgical Team
Southern Hills Animal Clinic is home to a team of experienced and compassionate surgeons. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the expertise of our surgical team, ensuring the highest standard of care for your pet.

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The Southern Hills Difference

Compassionate Approach to Pet Health
Beyond the medical procedures, our team at Southern Hills Animal Clinic brings a compassionate touch to every surgery. We understand the emotional bond between pets and their owners; our approach reflects this understanding.

Surgical Facilities
Your pet deserves the best, and our clinic in Custer, SD, is equipped with in-house operating rooms, ensuring a convenient and controlled environment for routine surgeries. Having on-site facilities allows for immediate access to surgical resources when needed.

Transparent Communication
We believe in transparent communication. Before, during, and after routine surgeries, our team keeps you informed, addresses any concerns, and ensures you are an active participant in your pet’s health journey.

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